Our Mission

The purpose of The Literacyworks Center is to assist underserved, below-basic-skills adult students in solving the many educational, personal and logistical challenges they must face to stay in school and succeed in work. The Center is providing advising, mentoring and scholarship support (through the Adult Literacy Awards) that help break persistence barriers to school completion such as transportation, childcare and tuition. As a further service, The Center is also dedicated to creating a stronger pipeline between qualified students seeking good jobs and local employers.

The Plan 

  • The Center is partnering with adult students to achieve their goals by providing personalized support, long-term educational advising and performance- and need-based Adult Literacy Awards to help break persistence barriers. Our experienced and caring staff is supporting highly motivated students in charting a course towards a more prosperous future.

  • The Center is collaborating with our local partners, including Santa Rosa Junior College, Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria, West Marin Community Services, Center Point of Marin and Sonoma County Library Adult Literacy Program, to refer highly motivated adults from their programs.

  • The Center is collaborating with state and national institutions, post-secondary schools, literacy organizations, service agencies, employers, workforce development partners and others to increase their capacity to effectively support the populations they serve, particularly with a focus on at-risk or underserved populations. The Center is linking theory and practice through research, professional development and partnerships, building and sharing best practices through national educational connections with the goal of becoming a national model and resource.


We want to sincerely thank our founding funding partners: Redwood Credit Union, the Federated Indians of Graton RancheriaThe Codding Foundation, Marin Community Foundation and our many individual donors. We also want to acknowledge our current referring partners: Santa Rosa Junior College, the North Bay Children’s CenterCenter Point of Marin and West Marin Community Services.

The Literacyworks Center, partnering with Santa Rosa Junior College, opened July 1, 2015 on the SRJC Petaluma Campus. Providing face-to-face and digitally enabled personalized support, and long-term monitored advising, The Center is helping underserved adults in the North Bay complete their educational goals and increase the likelihood of career success. With the support of the North Bay community, The Literacyworks Center looks forward to providing many years of service fulfilling its ultimate vision of a stronger local community and economy through education. 


Jared Congressional Declaration.jpg

Center's Congressional Recognition

The Literacyworks Center received special Congressional recognition by Congressman Jared Huffman on the opening of our new Santa Rosa Junior College classroom saying, “Your collective work to ensure that all individuals have the skills, support and opportunities to thrive in a complex and inter-connected world through literacy is making a positive difference in many, many lives. Thank you for your effective programs and generosity of spirit, and congratulations on your grand opening.”


Here are a few examples of how grateful our students are for the support the Literacyworks Center is providing them.  All these quotes are from letters written to us this year: 

I would like to express my deepest appreciation to you for your financial support, through the Literacyworks program. I am a single mom of two and I care for my grandma too while working full time as a preschool teacher. Because of your caring and generosity am able to attend Santa Rosa JC and accomplish my dream of obtaining a college degree. So on behalf of my family and I, thank you.
I want to thank you. The Literacyworks award means more than you will ever know. It shows me that someone else believes that I can and will succeed, and gives me much encouragement to keep pressing forward with my education. It’s people like you that keep young people like me working hard because we know that someone is ready and willing to invest in our future.
My goal is to pay it forward and offer help to someone who will be in my shoes in the future and bring them as much joy as you brought me. Bless your heart and thanks again.
I am a single mom. I want to study Child Development with the goal of working as a teacher’s aid. The financial aspect of attending college on one income was starting to make me reconsider my choice. The award you donated will eliminate that burden and allow me to continue on and finish my degree. Thank you. I will always be grateful.
I was raised in a foster home and education was not a priority. To survive was my main objective, so education looked far away and unreachable. I had doubts when I first applied for the Literacyworks Center; it sounded too good to be real. I know I have a lot to learn, but this has inspired me to continue my education.
Your support means more than you will ever know. It shows me that someone else believes that I can and will succeed and give me much encouragement to keep pressing forward with my education. Thank you for investing in our futures!
It is comforting to know that there are altruistic people out there willing to lend a hand to others, and I am inspired to help others the way you have helped me. Studying engineering at SRJC is an incredible experience, as it is a step towards fulfilling my life goals. I cannot wait to demonstrate my abilities. Thank you!
The Literacyworks Center has granted me reassurance that there is help. With this help, I feel confident in continuing my journey to higher education and also serve as a role model for my children. Once again, thank you so much for this opportunity.
I am a mother of two children and a housewife, for now. As a new immigrant, I’ve encountered many difficulties, especially language and finding a job. After completion of the ESL program, I am going to study pharmaceutical courses in the following year. I am very grateful for all your help. I will pass on this love to help more people who need help when I am capable in the future.
I really appreciate this opportunity to go back to school. I am a single mom of two wonderful students. I want to thank the Center so much because with your generosity, I can keep dreaming. Education is not only important for our kids, but also parents too. Education will allow us to have better jobs and will allow us to help our children with their homework. We will be able to understand and have conversations with teachers.
I could not be more thankful and I could not have done this without the support from Literacyworks. I can show up for class, do the work, and make good grades, for the Center has done all the hard work. It will be a major factor in my success at SRJC.