The Need is Great.


Basic literacy, numeracy, and problem-solving skills are critical to prosperity and well-being. They also drive community vitality and economic growth. Yet, 25% of Californians have very low literacy skills, and nearly one in five have not earned a high school diploma or its equivalent. This group includes large number of low-wage workers and English language learners. In the North Bay basic skills education has undergone severe cuts, and the remaining programs are fragmented and under-resourced.

The Solution is Local

The Literacyworks Center, launching this fall at the Petaluma campus of the Santa Rosa Junior College, will invest deeply in highly motivated adult learners by strengthening and coordinating existing educational resources and supporting them to chart a course towards a more prosperous future. We understand that a sense of belonging and community, clarity of purpose, competence and stability are key to their success. The Center will partner with learners to achieve their goals by providing face-to- face and digitally enabled personalized support, long-term educational counseling and performance based scholarships to break persistence barriers such as transportation, childcare, and tuition.